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emergency health & safety division

Our Emergency Service Home Repair Teams was reason added to help service our customers in these unusual times and crisis in the Chicago area. We follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 guide line and above.

emergency roof repair service

Unforeseen events could happen to your roof whether the emergency was a fallen tree or Chicago wind damage, leaks, or fire aftermath crisis. When you need emergency service for a roof repair, time is of the essence.

are you ready to live comfortably through your remodel?

For decades, contractors have tried to “manage” Dust with some very basic and mostly ineffectual methods. When our team used Air Scrubbers, Zip wall cover systems and Ram Board floor protective covering along with other best practices, there is a dramatic reduction in airborne particulates. The IAQ can improve to better than normal levels. Our work area Dust Control management team completely enclose the work space from the floors to the ceiling..

unwanted odors & toxins lurking in your basement walls

Most homes in the Chicago area have some type of unforeseen problems are unwanted odors, that most likely leads to the basement. On rainy or damp days housing built before the late 70's, basement foundation walls were not water required to waterproof foundation walls. By removing the drywall or paneling from the walls and begin the process of Dry it, Clean it, Kill it and Seal it, that will begin the road to solving problems that could had been hidden for years, You are not alone give our Emergency Service Division a call at (877)-326-8283

Company Protocol

emergency service

new protocol start march 25, 2020

At Green Construction Holmes Builders LLC, we have an unwavering commitment to the safety of our customers and team members.

As we deal with the threat crisis of the COVID-19 virus, we are putting extra
measures in place to help ensure the health and wellness of our team members and customers.

We’ve always taken great pride in our clean and well-run job sites, and we know this is more important than ever right now.

Like our customers, we are closely monitoring the situation and following the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the local health authorities. We keep our team members updated with information regarding best practices to keep themselves and their families healthy. It is a top priority for us, and we encourage it to be in your homes, as well.

To that end, we are taking extra precautions with our in-person visits, including:
Limiting in-person contact, including handshakes, and practicing social distancing.

Frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizing.

Accommodating any requests to reschedule in-person appointments for the comfort of our customers and team members.

Although our teams are operating on a case by case service, we understand the concerns you may have about sales appointments or installations. Please reach out to our office if you have questions or would like to schedule, reschedule or in need for an emergency appointment. We will be ready to serve you when you are ready for us.

We appreciate you and want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to promote a safe and secure experience for you.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support during these difficult times. Be safe, take care and God Bless us all.

Melvin Calahan
General Partner
(877) 326-8283

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