Basement Remodelling Basics: 4 Things You Should Consider

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Homeowners will always struggle with space management the longer they live in the same property. The more time they spend in the same place, the more items they build up over time. Although hose extensions and lawn installations are possible solutions, these usually come at an expensive cost. This is why it’s better to look at other ways to solve your space-related problems.

Most home’s basements are narrow and crowded areas meant for laundry or storage. However, most homeowners don’t see the hidden potential in remodeling their basement spaces. With the right planning and intent, you can convert your basement into a hobby or even an auxiliary bedroom. While it will take considerable planning to execute, it’s an effective solution to give you more space in your home.

Planning your basement remodel

Remodeling a basement is an unorthodox solution for a good reason. Basements were never meant to be fully functional spaces unless your home’s basement area is exceptionally spacious. Because of this, you’ll need to jump through different hoops and obstacles before you can repurpose your basement.

Before you remodel your basement, here are four things you should consider:

1. Preventing moisture

Basements are notorious for being breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Since basements are naturally dark and damp, it’s not uncommon for some basements to potentially house these contaminants. Look for areas with pooling water from pipeline connections to see any structural weaknesses you’ll need to fix or rearrange. To reinforce the safety of your basement, you can apply water-lock paint on cracks susceptible to water damage. This prevents even a slight trickle of water from penetrating your basement.

2. Heating and cooling preferences

Once you have the moisture issue covered, your next task is to identify how you’ll apply heating and cooling to your basement. For homes with basements located above ground, it’s much easier to readjust ventilation and HVAC systems to accommodate another room. However, basements below ground may be more complicated to manage. If you have a pre-existing HVAC ductwork running along your basement’s ceiling, you could tap into the joists of the floor above to extend temperature regulation for your basement.

3. Local building codes

Like any building project, it’s important to comply with community building and electrical codes. Since repurposing a basement will transform it into a new class of “room,” it’s crucial to comply with local building clouds to assess what egress points you’ll need. Doing so will give you some pointers on what necessary attachments you should also include in your remodel, like better ventilation or furniture access points.

4. Effective lighting

Most basements don’t have fancy lighting since their usage is primarily functional. Sometimes a single light bulb is enough to give enough lighting to the entire room. However, repurposing your basement will require you to make structural changes, from adding shelves, sofas, and even a bed if you choose to do so. This is why it’s important to use effective lighting choices compatible with your basement’s height restrictions. Instead of installing a bulky chandelier, strategically placing can lights will be an excellent way to add dynamic lighting to your new home’s new living space.


Once you have all the above items cleared out, you’re finally ready to remodel or repurpose your basement. Since maneuvering through your basement is a complex procedure, it’s best to hire building contractors that specialize in basement remodels. Working with an experienced building contractor can mitigate some of the issues you could have with basement remodels like HVAC system extensions and pipeline realignment.

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