Upgrading Your Home: Smart Home Tech You Might Want to Try

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smart home

Everyone wants to have a nice, cozy space to call their own—a place where they can be themselves and be free from the pressures of the outside world. While your house may already be enough to provide the comfort and convenience you’ve been looking for, what if we told you that it could be so much more?

Redefining Impossibilities Through Technology

Magic doesn’t exist—no abracadabras or fancy wands can change this fact—but man has been known to make their way around this impossibility. With each era, century, and year, as technology becomes more advanced, humans continue to push the boundaries and refuse to draw the line between what is possible and what is not.

Technology has dramatically changed people’s way of life. What used to be inconceivable is now the standard, and what used to be normal is now illogical! Thanks to brilliant minds and sophisticated innovations, what you think to be a far-fetched dream is currently easily unattainable, like the idea of having a high-tech home.

More Than a House

If there’s one thing technology proves, it’s that anything can be more and can do more. Nothing can be limited by anything; through technology, you can achieve almost everything you wish for.

Technology can do many things—but most of all, it can bring comfort and ease in the confines of your home. You may be satisfied with how your house is right now, but you will want more when you learn about the latest home technology.

“Smart home technology” is one of the rising buzzwords in today’s digital landscape. From security, sound, lighting to cooking, there are specific inventions for your every need. Investing in this technology won’t just improve your home life, but it may even make you want to prefer staying at home all day!

Smart Home Trends

Tech just keeps getting smarter and smarter. When you think this is as far as things can go, it proves you wrong! All of the smart gadgets may seem confusing, with all of the talk about “clouds” and “automatic,” so let us guide you through rising home tech trends you might think of trying out:

Centralized Home Control

Having a separate remote for every appliance is old news. Instead, you can use your smartphone or tablet to control the music, HVAC system, lighting, security, and other remote access smart home technology through one specialized application.

Voice Control Devices

Forget clapping—you can turn on your lights, close your blinds, and more using a voice-activated personal assistant. Gadgets like Alexa can play music, deliver news, tell the weather, and provide information based on your voice commands.

Smart Appliances

If you think your home is already comfortable enough, just think of how much better it would be when you add smart appliances to your home! Many house devices with high-tech controls and novel features are now available for homeowners across America. 

From voice-activated showers and high-tech bathroom mirrors, to touchscreen range hoods and smart refrigerators, you can upgrade every room in your house to fit your every need. Before you go ahead with your kitchen and bathroom remodeling, why not include a few smart home appliances in some of your rooms?


Which of these smart home technologies do you think will fit nicely into your house? If you decide to purchase big appliances, it’s best to speak with a licensed contractor in Chicago to assess how they will fit into your home renovations. Having a smart home may seem exciting, but remember that you should be responsible for using it to ensure that your house remains a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

Leave your Chicago home renovations to us at Green Construction Holmes Builders LLC! We work with our clients to protect their interests, minimize risks, reduce carbon footprint, and help our clients meet their specific goals. Get a quote today!

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