Bathroom vs. Kitchen Renovations: What Should You Go For?

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When you get to that point of living in your home where you have more time and money to turn it into the property of your dreams, the opportunity to get a renovation will be right in front of you.

Although renovations aren’t necessarily something that you think about when you first move into your current home, they serve a valuable purpose in terms of renewing your space and bringing out its potential. Whether you have an apartment, duplex, mansion, condominium, or bungalow, the process in question will add even more value to your overall experience than you’ll think! 

After spending quite some time saving up and tweaking your budget to make room for future changes, you’re finally ready to commit to a full-on renovation process that will transform your space. As you narrow down your options based on the kind of impact that you’ll be getting, you’ll come to a choice between two types of improvement projects: bathroom and kitchen renovations.

A matter of “one or the other”—or is it?

Over the history of home improvement, the fact that kitchens and bathrooms make houses (and sell them as well) has been reinforced more than ever. At this point, you might feel like you’ll have to prioritize one over the other because of the costs that are usually associated with the whole idea of renovation itself. However, what if we told you that it’s much better to simultaneously take care of both projects?

Why you can (and should) do your bathroom and kitchen renovations together

Although it may seem like a deep-pockets solution at first, most people overlook the fact that it is indeed possible to take on bathroom and kitchen renovations at the same time. Let’s look at some of the key facts that support this potential opportunity and back up the fact that it’s much more practical and beneficial than you’d expect: 

Both projects use the same materials

Yes, kitchen and bathroom renovations use the same materials even though they’re two completely different types of areas.

You see, kitchens and bathrooms technically classify as wet areas, meaning that they require plumbing, tiles, benchtops (or vanities), and sinks. On top of the similarities, these areas also require multiple power points, good lighting, and tapware for a complete user experience. In the end, these similarities present the opportunity to use the same materials and resources in both areas!

You get to save more money

Another common reason experts Green Construction Holmes Builders LLC encourages owners to consider getting kitchen and bathroom renovations together is that it makes room for savings.

Compared to doing both projects separately, doing them at the same time means that you’ll save money because it allows you to use the same materials so that you can negotiate at higher prices for how much you’re getting. Materials aside, reworking both your kitchen and bathrooms together will allow you to spend less on your overall labor costs since you’re spending on one stretch of work! 


While it may seem quite ludicrous to even contemplate over or entertain the idea of getting your bathroom and kitchen renovation projects done at the same time, there’s a whole lot of sense that goes into the decision than expected. Once you look into the details and key arguments behind the decision, you’ll be able to clear your mind up and expand your horizons in terms of what you can do! 

Green Construction Holmes Builders specializes in providing the best kitchen and bath remodeling in Chicago, IL. If you’re looking to give your home the TLC it needs in the most economical and impactful way possible, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!

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